Healthcare Interpreter Program

This program is on Hiatus until further notice, please check back in Fall 2021.

We will offer Healthcare Interpreter Program for Spanish language in Fall 2021!

Have you ever imagined yourself facilitating linguistic and cultural communication between client and healthcare providers? New to the SRJC in summer 2017 is the Healthcare Interpreter program (HCI). Students in the HCI program will learn practical interpreting experience in healthcare settings.

HCI courses offer students the opportunity to shadow and interview Healthcare Interpreters. Students will explore interpretation for special populations including trauma survivors, the elderly, mental health clients, and others. The program teaches students insight in language and cultural nuances for specific communities necessary in the art of interpretation. Lab exercises will include role-play, memory development, listening, and problem solving. Lab courses are designed with practice exercises with dual-language use with an emphasis on basic medial language, common medical conditions, treatments, and procedure. Students will practice advance interpreting skills with an English/Language of Service (LOS) language coach.

Advanced training is available for bilingual individuals with possibility of enhancing specialized healthcare service areas such as genetics, men’s health, women’s health, children’s health, and death and dying. Students will develop advanced skills in ethical decision making, memory development, patient advocacy and listening.

HCI program offers students the option of an Associates in Science degree with a major in Healthcare Interpreter, with the completion of 28 units or a Healthcare Interpreter Certificate with the completion of 27 units. HCI program is currently offering only Spanish language instruction. 

Healthcare Interpreter Associates in Science Degree

Healthcare Interpreter Certificate